RCDs: How to ensure your home is safe when using

RCDs: How to ensure your home is safe when using

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Electrical

RCDs monitor the flow of electricity in a circuit and quickly disconnect power if they detect a leakage current, such as that caused by a fault or when someone comes into contact with a live wire. This rapid disconnection prevents the risk of severe electric shocks and can potentially save lives.

RCDs: How to ensure your home is safe using 

RCDs: What are they?

Residual Current Device is a life-saving device designed to prevent fatal electric shocks by switching off electricity automatically if there is a fault. They do this by monitoring the flow of electricity from the main switchboard and reacting to any imbalance in the current.

Do I have one installed?

To check if your home or workplace has one, look for a ‘TEST’ button on your switchboard or a button marked with a ‘T’. They are not to be confused with circuit breakers and surge protectors. Check the label for ‘RCD’, ‘ELCB’, or ‘safety switch’.

RCDs: What are the main types?

Various types of Residual Current Devices can be used to make sure that you are always as safe as possible.


These are in the consumer unit (fuse boxes) and can protect circuits. They boast the highest level of protection due to their ability to protect all the wiring and sockets on a circuit and any connected appliances.


Used in place of a standard socket outlet, these outlets have an RCD built into them. This provides protection only to the person in contact with the equipment, including its lead, plugged into the socket-outlet RCD.


These plug into any standard socket-outlet and are useful when neither fixed nor socket-outlet RCDs are available. Simply plug in your tool or appliance, set the safety switch, and you’re protected.


How often should I test?

You should test your them at least once every three months to check it works properly. To do this you can press the Test button, if it trips then it is working correctly

If your RCD is not functioning properly or for more information, speak to our licensed electricians here at Bathurst Electrical. Our friendly team will work with you to ensure your home or workplace is safe with professional service guaranteed.


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