5 Reasons Why You Should Install Ceiling Fans

So, you’re considering ceiling fans for your home… Here are 5 reasons why installing ceiling fans this spring is a good idea:

1) Affordable 

Ceiling fans are much cheaper compared to other cooling options such as split-system air conditioners. The average indoor ceiling fan costs around 0.13c to 1.29c per hour to run, or between $1.90 and $18.85 each year. Compare that to the average reverse cycle system which costs on average between $0.33 and $0.40 per hour. As such, using ceiling fans can save you hundreds of dollars annually. They are also much cheaper than other conventional cooling options to install.


2) Effective all year-round

Ceiling fans are very versatile and perfect for all seasons. In summer they work by circulating the air flow to cool the space by a few degrees. Ceiling fans can also be used together with an air conditioning system to save even more. Instead of having the aircon on for the whole day, it could be used for a shorter duration of time or at a lower speed with the fans circulating the air. Similarly, by winter the rotation of the fan can be reversed so as to circulate air upwards, keeping the room warm.


3) Environmentally friendly

Ceiling fans use less energy to run and are made of recyclable materials such as wood and steel. If you are looking to get cooling or heating all year-round while still being conscious of your carbon footprint, then ceiling fans are your best option.


4) Customisable

Ceiling fans come in a variety of different styles dependent on your taste and the space you are working with. From traditional to more modern styles, they also come in a variety of different finishes and options such as built-in lights.


5) Modern convenience

Did you know ceiling fans can be remote controlled? Making them great for controlling your light or fan speed from your bed. The technology used in ceiling fans have come a long way since the invention of the traditional fan. Modern fans come equipped with conveniences such as remote access and bluetooth connectivity. This allows for some fans to be accessed through your mobile phone essentially controlling everything at the tip or your fingers. Remote kits are also a great option if you want your existing light fitting converted to a ceiling fan as no further wires will need to be installed.


Choose Bathurst Electrical for your next fan installation

No matter the design choice you make, ceiling fans are a great addition to almost any room and will improve the comfort and atmosphere in your home. Be sure to have your fans installed by a licensed electrician to ensure safety and reliability.

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