Bathurst Electrical: A Conversation Starter

Bathurst Electrical: A Conversation Starter

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Community


Bathurst Electrical: This is a Conversation Starter

Nearly 8 Australians take their own life every day – 6 of whom are men. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 15 to 44. Despite this, 65% of people with common mental illnesses do not seek professional help. As part of our continued efforts in helping raise awareness for mental health, we held a support to skills information session. This was run by Marathon Health where Bathurst Electrical discussed mental health and how it is more common than we think. Check out our new uniforms by Trademutt that are conversation starters about mental health. We hope these new additions will encourage people to speak up.

Bathurst Electrical believes there is no shame in asking for help from friends or a professional.

Mental Health with Bathurst Electrical

In addition to facilitating dialogue, we’re proud to unveil our new uniforms by Trademut. They are vibrant, eye-catching attire that serves as conversation starters about mental health. These uniforms aren’t just about fashion, they’re a statement of solidarity.  They can be seen as a beacon of hope for those silently struggling with mental health challenges. By wearing these uniforms, we aim to spark conversations, break down barriers, and foster a culture of openness and acceptance surrounding mental health.

Through these initiatives, Bathurst Electrical hopes to create a supportive environment.  An environment where individuals feel empowered to speak up about their mental health concerns without fear of judgment or stigma. Together, let’s continue to champion mental health awareness, encourage meaningful conversations, and provide a lifeline of support for those in need. Remember, it’s okay not to be okay, and reaching out for help is a courageous step towards healing and resilience.

Links for help and more information Provided by Bathurst Electrical:

Mens mental health

Taking care of your mental health in the workplace

Anxiety and Depression checklist

Beyond blue suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention lifeline

The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance


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